You will only EVER have one set of eyes. 

Isn’t that sufficient reason to ensure they are well cared for — always?


Eye test with glasses(copy)Regular eye examinations are essential, even if you don’t wear glasses or contacts.

They allow for early diagnosis of any vision problems and many health issues.

We are also approved as Level 1 examiners for the NZ Police.

Avoiding Eye Examinations and wearing cheap, unprescribed 'readymade' glasses can have some very negative outcomes:
  1. Your eyes can suffer permanent damage.
  2. Eye diseases can remain undetected and untreated, sometimes with serious consequences.
  3. Your safety (and that of your family) could be jeopardised if for instance, you are driving with impaired vision without realising it.

We strongly recommend regular eye examinations (once every 2-3 years is not excessive).

Many people do not realise that only a registered optometrist may use the title ‘optometrist’ and may prescribe glasses or contact lenses. 

As trained eye care professionals, we will leave no stone unturned to ensure the most comprehensive examination is performed.

This will take a little time, but it’s a great investment. 

Please allow a full 45 minutes with us. An eye examination will:
  • By way of a questionnaire get an overview of your general health, including any medications you are taking as occassionally medications can affect eye health. The questionnaire will also enable us to gain an understanding of your lifestyle to help us tailor your prescription to your visual needs; such as computer use, driving, outdoor activities, etc.
  • Check any history of headaches and discuss eye health history, including family eye health history.
  • Will measure the vision for each eye individually for distance and close up.
  • Use lenses to work out if you need glasses to help you see better (this is called the Refraction).
  • Check how your eye muscles work —some people have problems or eyestrain because they are trying very hard to keep both eyes parallel in the distance or converged when reading.
  • Check your colour vision and stereo 3D vision.
  • Check the health of the eyes and how the pupils function.  Check for common eye diseases, and perform an overall assessment of your vision related health.
  • Give a summary of what need to be done to solve any issues.
Sometimes, we will require more exams, longer and more in depth requiring a second appointment.

Please remember to bring:
  • If you wear contact lenses, please wear your contacts to your exam as well as the contact lens original packaging that shows the type of contact lens you are currently wearing and/or a copy of your prescription
  • Your current pair of prescription glasses
  • A list of your current medications with dosage and allergies
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Eye examinations


Community services and funding

Disability Support Services assistance is available for children with vision problems in low-income families.
Ask us for more details.

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bo-quote_open.png"Professional, friendly staff, very thorough optometrist - fantastic! I have bought 3 pairs of glasses for myself and my daughter over the last 4 years.....and would never go anywhere else."
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