Glasses  Frames

The selection of your frames is important. 

If you feel comfortable and confident, you’ll be inclined to wear them and not remove them for appearance sake. 


Some of the considerations are:
  • Face shape.  Is yours square, rounded or oval?  We’ll help you select glasses that compliment your face so that you feel confident as well as well-sighted.
  • Colouring  — of the skin and hair as well the eyes
Having the objective feedback of an educated optometrist is a significant help. 

Whilst eyewear is considered a fashion item, as professionals we will advise you on the practicality as well as the aesthetics of various design options.
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Blink stocks the best eyewear from leading eyewear manufacturers and designers — Etnia, Guess, LA Eyeworks, Calvin Klein, OWP and Silhouette, among others.  

Blink supplies Essilor and Hoya lenses with the highest quality coatings, guaranteed for manufacturing faults for 2 years.

We know the value of quality products is reflected in their durability, but we also cater for those on a tighter budget with a variety of ‘packaged’ deals.

It may come as a surprise, but sunglasses are not just fashion items.  They protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation (UV) and blue light, which can contribute to various eye health problems. 

Check out our range of prescription and non-prescripton sunglasses.
Repair and Servicing

Don't hesitate to call us if your glasses need maintaining.  Blink offers a full repair service is available for all brands of glasses:
  • replacement lenses
  • hinges
  • re-welding broken components

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Eye examinations


Community services and funding

Disability Support Services assistance is available for children with vision problems in low-income families.
Ask us for more details.

Customer Reviews

bo-quote_open.png"Professional, friendly staff, very thorough optometrist - fantastic! I have bought 3 pairs of glasses for myself and my daughter over the last 4 years.....and would never go anywhere else."
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