Two new collections have arrived at Blink.


C-Zone eyewear, based in the Netherlands

C-Zone eyewear design philosophy is to embrace the multi-cultural global melting pot.  You can see traces of India, The East and a a little bit of Hollywood in the Gemstone look.

Decorative and lots lots of vibrant colour.  These frames will look great this summer.
Mens, ladies and kids frames too

Eyefunc Eyewear

Also an Amsterdam-based company. 
Top quality, funky, affordable eyewear.  All Eyefunc frames are produced using Eco-friendly plating which means no Nickel is used in the colouring process so people with a Nickel sensitivity (surprisingly common) can wear these frames safely.
Distinctive designs, trendy colours and finishes and of course excellent quality.
These great collections are designed and created by craftsmen using the finest techniques and most innovative materials. we love these wonderful frames!

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World Sight Day

World Sight Day, held on October 10, is a global initiative of  the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) to raise global attention to the current reality of 300 million people living with blindness and vision impairments worldwide.


Eye examinations


Community services and funding

Disability Support Services assistance is available for children with vision problems in low-income families.
Ask us for more details.

Customer Reviews

bo-quote_open.png"Professional, friendly staff, very thorough optometrist - fantastic! I have bought 3 pairs of glasses for myself and my daughter over the last 4 years.....and would never go anywhere else."
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